Banestatus og stenging

Final course report 2018




Text: Gavin Jagger


Autumn has arrived at Haga and temperatures have been dropping steadily with frost a common sight in the mornings. The yellow course is still open but if the temperature continues to drop and frost remains on the course for several hours then we will have to close the course to protect the grass. At this time of year, the grass is not growing enough to recover fully from any damage that may occur. The blue and red courses have been closed since the 15th of October.


All the greens, tees and fairways have been aerated, top-dressed and have had autumn fertilizer applied. Green repairs have continued, using turf we cut and transported from Oslo Golf Club. The greens had their final cut on Thursday last week (5mm) and were sprayed with fungicide immediately after.


At the end of October, we will take delivery of 6 ice covers. These will be put out on Yellow 2 and 4, Red 5 and 6, the big putting green close to the clubhouse and the small nursery green behind Red 5. These green surfaces must be as dry as possible when the covers go on and air tubes under the covers allow us to maintain air flow and reduce co2 build up during winter.


The remaining course furniture will be taken in once the Yellow course is closed after Thursday 25th of October, and we will be starting to put up fences around the greens this week in order to protect from the public.


All that remains is for me to thank you for what has been a difficult year and hope that you have a good winter and are looking forward to next season as much as we are.


Best regards,

Gavin and the team


Banestatus 23. Okt. 2018

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