Banestatus 21.september

This week we are re-shaping the back of Red 9 green in the same way we did the back of Blue 2. The turf has been removed, the back of the green has been lowered to allow water run-off from the green surface and the turf will be re-laid. Some of the green turf from Red 9 was saved and will be used to repair small areas on other greens like Yellow 2 and Red 4.


We have started to spray the fairways with iron, this will harden the turf going into winter. We will do the same with the greens and tees this week. The iron will also control the small patches of disease that have started to appear.


As usual the grass will turn a dark green almost black colour, this is normal and is nothing to worry about.


The tees have been verti-cut and are now being aerated and topdressed.


Enjoy your golf,

Banestatus 21.september

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