Banestatus 12.september

This week we have started to aerate, top-dress and fertilize the greens. This will be done from Monday to Wednesday.


The greens on Blue 3, 4 and 5 were done on Thursday last week and are looking much better and we will continue to spray blue 3 and 4 with our algae programme.


Work continues on the approach to Yellow 1, levelling the uneven area at the edge of the green and then we will move onto the back of the green on Blue 2. There we will remove the turf, re-shape the surround so that it is lower than the green, then re-turf. The turf nursery is coming on well and it has been rolled for the first time.


This week should see the start of the ponds being cleaned of all weeds, this is a slow process and will be ongoing over the next few weeks.


The cutting heights of the greens, tees and green surrounds have been increased slightly. This will allow the grass to produce enough food for the winter and especially the spring. The fine weather means we can continue with the regular cutting and also begin to flymo around the bunkers again.

Nursinggreen bak green rød5

Nursinggreen bak green rød5


The Nursinggreen is starting to grow. (see photo)


Enjoy some great Autumn golfing weather.

Banestatus 12.sept

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