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Text: Gavin Jagger


We are now heading into March and time to think of the new golf season ahead.


Unfortunately, as you know, we have had a tough winter this year. A lot of snow mixed in with rain and mild temperatures earlier in the winter has meant that we have spent most of our time clearing the snow from tees and greens in an effort to reduce the thickness of the ice. The result of this, of course, is we now have a lot of snow around the greens and tees, so we have started to drive this snow away to the nearest pond or ditch.


We had some greens with ice in November and we broke this ice earlier in February just before a snowfall so any green surface was not exposed. We were able to put in some drainage in front of the greens on Blue 1 and Yellow 1 but our plans to put extra drainage on the fairways of Red 1 and 7 have not been possible up to now. The palisade on Blue 3 has been taken away and a new bunker is in place. This area will be drained and prepared for turfing as soon as possible. The area on the right hand side of Blue 5 green has been raised to remove the steep slope down to the path. A new path will be made to the 6th tees and the old path in front of the pond will be removed.
The area between Red 1 green and red 2 tees has always been very poor with no grass and poor drainage. We have driven in a lot of material to this area, raising it up almost 2m in parts to help with drainage and give it a better look. On Red 9 the bunkers around the green have been reshaped, the one on the left has been made smaller as has the one on the right, the one half way up the slope has been taken away.


Looking ahead, our main objective is to finish work with the digger on Blue 3, 5 and red 1 as soon as the weather allows, get some more drainage in on Red 1 and 7 fairways and in the mean time we will continue to clear as much snow as we can until the warmer weather comes.


Looking forward to a good spring!

// Gavin and the team.

Banestatus 1.mars

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